I started my project three years ago and, despite many difficulties of timing during the mixing process,
we finished it successfully. Now the album is ready to be listened to and i hope you'll enjoy it.
I know that some of you won't appreciate it but what i did is to offer you the best.
Now my goal is to start writing and recording the second part of my project and to offer you some more surprises...
I wish to be grateful to all the artists listed below who accepted to be part of this project .
Finally i wish to thank you all and have a good time listening to this album.

Recorded by Sylvain Rouvière at Studio K - Nantes - FRANCE
Mixed by Andy Haller - California - USA
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - USA
Cover artworks and Cd designs by JP Fournier

Vocals :

Mike Dimeo
Amanda Somerville
Henning Basse
Mats Leven
Rejane Soulard
Oliver Hartmann
Sylvain Rouvière
Célia Duval

Guitars :

Vincent Morla
Manu Livertout
Alesk Turbé
Charley Corbiaux
Axel Bonneau
Didier Chesneau

Bass Guitar :

Igor Lallaï
Mathieu G-Plana
Christophe babin
Jean-François Leda

Keyboards :

Manu Martin
Oliver Palotai
Sylvain Rouvière

Violin :

Cécilia Rollin

Drums :

David Rousseau
Benoit Vedrenne

sylvain rouvière